How to Make Fireworks

This have been quiet lately over at how to make a bomb but we got a great video out today on how to make fireworks. With Halloween coming up we have a couple of related videos planned. Hope you enjoy!


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How to Make a Bomb With Sofa

Before I get started on this post – I want to make it clear we did not make a bomb with a sofa. We see a lot of odd search terms hitting our site but I’m fairly sure this one takes the cake. ‘How to make a bomb with sofa‘ someone either has too much time on their hands or can’t afford a skip for that old sofa.

But anyway. We have some new stuff for you today (which will thankfully leave your sofa intact). To celebrate the rise of our website in the search results (a few more spots and we’ll be on top!) We’ve just posted the latest how to make a smoke bomb but, this time, with a ring pull. We’ve also got a few more which, all going well, we’ll get finished and put up today.


Everyone here has been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks so we haven’t had a chance to keep track of the comments and emails coming in to the site, but we will do our best to catch up on that pretty daunting list. We’ve scraped the idea of adding a forums unfortunately, we just don’t have the time at the moment to police the content being posted to make sure it’s not going to cost someone a finger (or a sofa.. I still can’t let that one go).


So in summary we’ve got new videos coming out, our site is becoming more popular, some people want to make bombs with their living room sofas and (on a very unrelated note) some people mix random songs together for some strange reason (see here).

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How to Make a Bomb Out of Paper

Look at that – two in one day! We’re on a roll now. Yes our latest video ‘how to make a bomb out of paper‘. It turns out you can turn that old newspaper into a pretty effective smoke bomb (and I don’t mean by just setting it on fire). We actually get a lot of users who want to make weapons out of paper or ask us how to make explosions out of paper. Not really sure what the obsession with paper is but who’s to judge.

The actual ‘how to make a bomb‘ site is doing quite well. We’re getting more and more users daily and soon you’ll start to see a little advertising on there (it won’t put you out too much and we all have bills to pay – so bear with us). I want to remind everyone we will not and never will have any overly dangerous content on there. No big fireworks or pipe bombs, anything like that. We’d like to avoid angry legal people yelling – and our users are probably happier with most of their limbs intact. So we’re going to keep it small backyard fun, alright? And if you insist on copying any of it – follow safety precautions and don’t be a tool.

On a less serious note – we have a great new video coming next – we’re going to try get it out tomorrow if not today.

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How to Make a Explosion

We haven’t updated in a couple of days now (busy week and lot’s to do) but we’re back today with a great one. How to make a explosion is our latest and it’s up now! It has everything from the requirements to the explosion itself – it should be kept somewhere you can clean up afterwards however.



Just to point out: It’s just like last time. I know it should be ‘how to make an explosion not ‘how to make an explosion‘ but it’s a website which thrives on search engine traffic – therefore I have to go with the search terms.

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How to Make a Gun

Usually a how to make a gun guide would be on our sister site (How to Make a Gun) but according to the search engines our users are looking for this with us as well so we thought we’d include it.

So it’s true – on the how to make a bomb site we have a how to make a gun post. Or, more specifically, it’s how to make a rifle. Even more specially than that it’s how to make an airsoft rifle out of some wood and random stuff you probably will find lying around. But short names are so much catchier don’t you think?


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How to Make a Bomb With Household Items

On the how to make a bomb blog we recently posted a how to make a bomb with household items video guide. So we had a fairly boring evening last night and Tried it out but played with the mixture a bit.


We wound up getting a can jumping along the table.. but it ended up with a couple of burns on the carpet. If we can improve that a bit we’ll have a new guide for how to make a bomb with household items on the site. If, on the other hand I end up with a scorched carpet well… I’ll have to go get a new one. Or scorch the rest of the carpet so it matches.

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How to Make a Stink Bomb

Ah stink bombs – the bane of classrooms and workplaces (workplaces with child-at-heart co workers). But joke shops are so out of the way where I live so in my travels of learning how to make a bomb I made sure to look into stink bombs.


They’re easy enough to make and cost you less then buying your own – not to mention the fact you can play with the quantity a little to get the desired result. Check out our video guide for how to make a stink bomb. Don’t blame me if your friends think you need to shower a little more often, however.

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